First and for most I would like to apologize that most of the time my title has nothing to do with the entry. They are just random words I feel like using and I barely know the meaning. I'm sorry.

Not an all-time-homework-done girl. Not an all-night-stay-up girl. Not an early-wakeup girl too. Not the worst in school but also not the best. Not an outstanding girl with multiple soft skills. But afterall, alhamdulillah He gave me the chance to feel the sweetness of straight A's. 

Between physics paper 2 and paper 3 there was around 1 hour gap. That was when I had lunch and perform my zuhr prayer. After lunch I usually go through the notes while waiting for the athan but on that day I choosed to go to the surau first, have my wudhu first (cause I just hate queuing), getting all ready for zuhr and then selak-selak nota sikit before the athan. But it happened to be after I had taken my wudhu, they did the athan and straight away the prayer. So I didn't have the time to review my notes. Time solat tu punyalah doa bagi soalan yang familiar keluar like ohm's law ke hooke's law ke. Jengjengjeng tengok-tengok keluar electromagnetism apa tah. Level tak tahu sampai tak tahu nak hentam apa. 17 marks. Usually paper 3 ni boleh siap dalam 30 minutes-1 hour, having another half an hour to recheck. I remember started writing section B during the last 10 minutes without knowing what I'm writing. Bila keluar exam hall I heard "susah kan tadi, nasib baik sempat baca, tau lah sikit-sikit nak hentam apa". Memang down tahap asdfghjkl. Cried to my mom that night tsk tsk

The interesting part is when Allah says that Dia akan bagi rezeki dari arah yang kita tak sangka. Alhamdulillah A+ for physic. I was hoping for a rezk as in an easy question but Allah gave me the rezk through the result. Maybe gred turun or they did some mistake during the key-in process but all praises belong to Him. 

Istikarah. Not only done when we have a few options to choose. We can also practice it even before the choice is given. Dengan harapan Allah akan dorongkan hati kita, mata kita, tangan kita dekat soalan yang paling mudah untuk kita. And even in the midst of examinations, never leave the quran, cari masa untuk baca. 

Last but not least, my greatest gratitude goes to my parents and teachers, for the countless prayers, efforts, foods, endless handouts, money and time spent on us. My friends, for being there through ups and downs, shedding sweats and tears together. Abang kakak DS, for providing sufficient food although all the other kids were back at home, the last morning breakfast which shouldn't be in the contract. Makcik pakcik jaga, for keeping us safe all day and all night. Cleaners, for putting us in comfortable surrounding. Jazakumullahukhair. May Allah repay your kindness.

Okay tutup cerita SPM. Another long way to go.

One in a million, they are.

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  1. Tahniah dah berjaya tamat SPM. Moga success dalam bidang yg akan datang dn berjaya tempuh hidup baru.