(n.) the obsessive repetition of an act until it is perfect or mastered

alhamdulillah it's ramadan again (yayyyyyyyy) i'm usually excited when we reach ramadan but this time i'm overly-excited hehe. maybe i've grown older and wiser to realize that death can occur anytime and this might be my last ramadan oh and i can't even guarantee if i'll be able to enjoy this month till the last day. i'm growing up and growing up means life is getting tougher each day. ramadan is like a wake up call for me to remind myself to fulfil the purpose of life as a servant.

i listed a few ramadan goals. there's nothing much but i believe fixing little things can make a big difference.

  • eat, drink and be more moderate -bazaar can be very tempting but lets not lose with lust
  • improve the quality of my prayers -pray earlier, implement more khusyu'
  • prepare a dua list -ramadan is a great time to make dua. a list will ensure i wont miss out any important dua
  • go on technology diet -less time scrolling my social accounts, i thought about deleting the apps but naaah lets start slow
  • sadaqah each day -its not about the quantity
  • finished the quran -a juz a day, 4 pages after each prayer
  • avoid sleeping at the wrong time -i have the bad habit of sleeping after sahoor while waiting for subuh so lets fix that first

it will be the end of foundation in 10 days, more or less. may everything runs smoothly.


(adj.) hating endings; of someone who tries to avoid or prolong the final moments of a story, relationship, or some other journey

i still remember the last time we met. i mean that time before we're just like strangers passing by each other. i clearly remember that night. you suddenly seemed unhappy. i was worried, cluelessly not knowing i'm the one who made you sad. i dropped you home that night, you said you'll be alright. and all of a sudden you made all the time we spent together looks like a dream. you're slowly drifting away.

you may not read this, but if you do, can you please come back?


(n.) a light rain, a fine drizzle

when it comes to you
they said i am a poet
carving beautiful words
portraying perfection
they didn't know
that actually
the poem is you
and i'm just reading it out.