(adj.) unfamiliar, rare, strange, and yet marvelous

Life. How do people define life, I wonder. Been scrolling my timeline and I came across so many people who easily said 

"Takde life lah orang yang macam ni macam ni macam ni"
"Takde life lah orang yang study medic ni"
"Takde life lah jadi pharmacist kerja bagi ubat je"

I believed life has a wider perspective. How can people say someone has no life when he is doing something he like? How can people say someone has no life when he is doing it with a purposed? How can people say someone has no life when he is doing something that guaranteed him satisfaction?  

Does 'ada life' means going out every weekend hanging out with friends and relatives? Or traveling to every inch of the world? Or having a closet with up-to-date clothes? Or thousands of followers on social accounts? Or having a spouse, children, loved ones around? Or laying by the beach watching upon the twinkling stars? Maybe yes, from your point of view. But they are people who enjoy being a workaholic. They are people who enjoy being alone. They are people who are not interested to deal with family commitments. They are people who hates the darkness of the night and they are some who finds tranquility. They are people who enjoy being at home, snuggling under the blanket rather than going out. 

I came to conclude that only we, ourselves can figure out are we having a life right now. Our life may not be interesting, we may be not happy, but are we sad with our own life? Sometimes, to be not sad is just something we should be grateful of. Majority might say that our pattern of life are pathetic, gloomy and dull. If we're thinking the other way round, just let them be. Because being in minority once in a while isn't a bad idea :)

18, confused, and too young to talk about life. Out.

P/s: I am having a life. They are a part of it xoxo

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  1. Nice. Tebuka minda aku ni. Ada orang cakap student law tak da life. Haishhh haha