I made a drastic decision to come home last night. So I reached Shah Alam around 10 hours ago and I'll be going back tomorrow.

To some people, it's a waste of money. I did feel the same way but I keep praying for something valuable, a little piece of lesson.

And alhamdulillah.

I got the seat next to the window. I used to sleep when I was on board but just now, I didn't. As the plane flew up high, the things on ground started to become smaller and smaller from my sight.

The weather was a little cloudy just now. I was amazed with the fluffy clouds, hanging and filling the empty sky. Felt like jumping from one cloud to the others. Sometimes it looks like a giant cotton candy. And with the clouds, everything on earth seems less clear.

As we began to get closer to Allah, this dunya seems so small, this dunya seems less significant from our sight. 
And as we began to taste the sweatness of Imaan, our heart will no longer be attracted to this temporary dunya, it becomes blur.

End of part I.
Hoping for more, bi iznillah.

On 15th August, we had our usrah conducted by a new team, not the usual one. A one-word topic was discussed. Jodoh.

Then they asked for the audiences' first thoughts. Husbands, marriage, guys, family, love story were the typical things I heard.
From my point of view, 'jodoh' has a wider scope. At that moment, I figured out that meeting my friends is a kind of jodoh. Getting to know my teachers is a kind of jodoh. Me being the daughter of my parents can also be considered as jodoh. 
Basically, I think jodoh is pertemuan. With individuals, moments and also situations. 


Trial MARA is taking place. One week had passed, two more weeks to go. I know well that I won't read that much at home, but by seeing these faces, I gain one thing. Calmness. and I am aware that this come from Him. O Allah, thank you so much.

Oh and we had Aiman Azlan in our college a few weeks back which was great. He's a product of mrsm langkawi too teehee :)

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