So we kind of winning the hunger games, alhamdullilah. I hope that the passed ramadan had turned everyone including me myself into a better person.

Eid mubarak people. Kullu a'm wa antum bi khair. Taqaballahu minna wa minkum. Asiff ala kulli hal.

There's nothing much to share about eid this year since I didn't go out that much, baju raya pun baru sempat pakai sepasang (of course girls have more than one baju raya), and I didn't eat much too which is kind of yeah, sad.

One friday in ramadan we had our usrah joined by only a quarter of the batch. It was dull at first but quantity doesn't represent quality because we had so much fun playing at the foyer even after the juniors had stopped playing, we still did until the guys came back from the prayers.

July 19th, classmate reunited. Had iftar together the next day.

And there go the smiles, laughter and happiness.

26 ramadhan 1435H (last tarawikh)
after all the things we had gone through together, how can i not love the girls

To change for the better isn't easy. To maintain the change is even harder. I feel guilty when my heart feels for one thing but not the other, while the other thing is clearly much more important. I've been keeping myself busy to distract myself from less important things that once bother me so much. Letting go of things, peoples that make you happy most of the time which you know from the religious point of view, it's not good for you.

It's hard. and it did hurts.

But it's fine.
kerana yang dicari itu cinta ilahi

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