ramadan kareem

"Dear ramadan, alhamdulillah we meet again. I know too well that our time together is short so I would make every single second count. I would prove my love to the one who brought you to me and my deeds, will justify on my behalf. Sincerely, your friend."

Assalamualaikum guys. So ramadan is here and I'm so excited to spend this month for the second and last time in langkawi with my loved ones. Time should slow down a little I guess. Anyway, in this holy month, apart from tarawih, sahur, tadarus and all other ibadah, there are some more we can add on to our list.

  • to stop being lazy and talking craps
  • have sincere intention and work hard
  • avoid sleeping after Subuh (ehem)
  • don't miss an oppurtunity for dakwah
  • give lots of 'physical sadaqah' (even smilling will do)
  • plan your day the night before
  • make lots of dua for an ultimate productive ramadan

Let's together decide on the goals and overall changes we want to achieve in this ramadan. Be ambitious but realistic and ask Allah for His blessing and assistance. Start small but consistent. Take time out also to read the hadith about the virtues and laws of fasting. It will refresh the mind and the heart, and we will become even more excited and desirous to go through this month and earn the mercy, blessings and forgiveness of Allah. Fasting is not just about restricting yourself from eating and drinking. There's a lot more to it. Your whole body have to fast! :)


Gonna sit for pre-trial spm this month. Pray for me, and my batch. Bittaufiq wannajah friends :)

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