one day

Sitting here thinking, one day I'm not going to go to school tomorrow. One day I'm not going to pack my stuffs to that island anymore. One day I'm not going to be able to see my friends every single day. One day we're all going to grow old and forget about half of the people we spent years of our life with. One day some people are going to move far away. One day my best friend and I aren't going to talk everyday like we used to. One day I may not knowing what on earth happen to their lifes. One day young loves won't be around anymore. One day life won't be this easy? One day all my favourite bands and musicians won't be making music anymore. One day all the things that made me happy when I was young won't exist. One day I'll forget about the amazing times I had with my friends. One day I'm going to be too old to do things I loved to do. One day life will change. Sometimes I say I want to grow up so much but I know one day I'm going to regret it.

One word. Scared.

Analysing back what had I done this first five months of 2014. I'm trully sad thinking of how some people don't even want to look at how much you love them, how much you want them to succeed together with you, how much you want them to be a better person, how much you want to cheerish the last moments being together, how much you want everything to run out smoothly, not only for yourself but for them as well. Ignorant, yes they are. I never had this kind of one big family before which makes me appreciate every single little faces but I doubt any of them knows how I feel.

That moment when your tongue goes speechless, use your hands to write, or maybe play the musics.

P/s: you know how it feels when people judge you for having feelings? It's like thousand of knives stabbing right to your. heart 😢😢

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