Mid-sem holiday is going to meet it's end, soon. The scent of a very structured life can now be smelled. Our PG (Program Gemilang) ; kind of extra class had begin since January, the moment when I was still in my welcome-back-to-school mood. There are times where we received soooo many tasks and I end up not knowing where to start.

The heat of spm was felt since January but it's fine since I like warmness. 

Stack of books, bundle of handouts, tons of notes, time limits, excessive used of energy, lack of sleep etc etc. Struggling day and night to complete the syllabus, to revise last year's chapters, to make sure the new things learnt lekat dalam otak, to enhance soft skills, to deal with lots of people with different personalities each single day, and to grow up at the same time. Exhausted. Yes, very. 

To gain strength is to turn to the owner of the strength, Allah.

I figure that the Activity Week was an escape from this mess. A week spent in the hall, at the field, school compund, not in class. It was more tiring compared to other typical weeks actually but I learnt so many new things so it was worth it. It was the week where I have to give my commitment at a few things at the same time. It was the week where I learned to respect others, to tolerate with others, like come on bukan aku sorang je penat, orang lain pun. It was the week where I understands how friends can boose your spirit. And it was also a week where I captured more and more faces that will occupied my heart forever.

And that day, we painted our class. A day with classmates, musics, singing and playing together while painting, eating together, slept, a short drama from pres ldp, vp ldp and ustazah aisyah and not forgotten curi-curi masa buat addmaths and chemistry. Click, another memorable day. Alhamdulillah.
#np generasiku
#np laskar pelangi


"Homework banyak sangat ni buat aku rasa macam nak jadi petani" - said one of my classmate. luls

Friends, let's make this remaining one year count.

May peace me upon you xoxo
oh and please excuse my grammar and spelling error 😉

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