spm year

In a few hours time I'll be breathing Langkawi's air. The one that make me suffocating some days but also the one that I know I'll be missing in the future.

As for 2014 I'm not having Aina as my roomate and Hanisah will be a block a part from my room which is kinda sad. But thinking about the idea of being close as roomates with new people isn't bad at all.

Having Aisyah Shahidi, the vice president for our batch as well as my classmate, very good in languages, I must say.
Having Sheff, the really hard working young lady with soft heart. Maybe she's the third party who will help me maintain the bonds with my ex-roomate and ex-floormate.
And Teng. She and her silence. Maybe with that I can train myself to speak only when I need. Avoid talking useless things that give no benefits neither to me nor to the listener. 

I want to be my best self. I want to make sure every steps I take is at least an inch nearer to my dreams. And a better muslim, of course.

"Belajar betul-betul. Jaga solat."
That's it from my dad. I don't need him to say much. I got what he meant. 


Back then when I transited in Doha, I talked to the stewardess. 
"It rarely rains in Doha. You guys are lucky."
The light rain. The cool breeze. The smell of the tiny drops.
I was sooooo happy that moment. Alhamdulillah.

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