the end of the beginning

Too much changes and obstacles in 2013 till I doubt myself going through it till the last day. 

Challenging nights.
A night before handing-in the thesis. Dealing with so many humans, broke down so many times. Not going to sleep a night before sem-innofest. Completing the display board. I swear that was my first time not going to sleep to complete a school task. Exam weeks urgh undefined. Thanks a lot to my stay-up mates.

One of the memorable night.
2 November. Mini party. Food fight. 3 am shower. Naz's speech, talking about final exams, scholarships, spc. The most beautiful thing was when my classmates recite the Duaa Rabitah together. 

Langkawi wasn't an easy place. I knew that since the day I recieved the offer. But from the very first start, I knew that this place is worth fighting for. The beginning is always the hardest, they said. It isn't easy for people to accept us to be a part of them as it is hard for us to accept new people in our lives. Time heals. A little patience is all that we need.

I moved to Shah Alam. Some things don't last forever, but some things do. Like a good song, or a good book, or a good memory which I can take out and unfold it in my darkest time, pressing down on the corners and peering in close, hoping i still recognize the person I see there. I don't plan about forgetting the six years memories in Penang. I just decided to leave it behind. 


Thanks for making my last days memorable. This isn't the end. It isn't the beginning of the end too. It's just the end of the beginning.

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