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2012 is the year that went by fast, maybe a little too fast. It is the year I meet many new friends and I realize who the real ones are. It is the year I felt the most pressure till the point where I gave up so many times but on the same time, I am still learning how to get back up. It is the year I said I was going to accomplish great things yet I feel like I just wasted times. It is the year I cried over too many pointless things, too many times. It is the year I often look back on all my lifetime memories in which I find myself missing people in them. But it is also the year I move on, slowly when someone whisper to my ears that everything will be okay.

Thanks a lot to those who keep on grabbing my hands every time I am about to fall. Thanks to those who honestly care.

If someone were to tell me a year ago how much I would have changed and how different my life would be, I wouldn’t believe them. No matter if it was good or bad, every single moment, person, experience, or decision has made me what I am today. I’ve made so much progess in becoming who I am. I may not be completely happy with myself yet, but that’s what this next year is for. It is so strange thinking about how this time last year I was a completely different person. You don’t realize how much you grow in a year until you look back at all the moments that led you to where you are right in this moment.

Alhamdulillah 2012 is the year that I grew up. I really did and become more certain of myself than before. 2012 has taught me that life goes too quickly to dwell on anything. Everything passes by so quickly and one day could end up as your last. So I am ready for 2012 to be over, and I am ready to welcome in 2013 with new eyes.

I hope going into the new year that I keep learning and living to my full potential. I am getting myself into new leadership roles, adventures and lessons that I cannot wait to learn whether good or bad. I am going to become my best self, my happiest self. And I am going to celebrate every success and fix every failure and enjoy every minute. But overall, I just want 2013 to be a good year, insyaAllah.

Atikah Tahir. Noor Najwa Shairah. Najihah Alya. Wan Anis Najlaa. Rafeeqa Mahizan. Merci pour les souvenirs. Je t'aime beaucoup *less than three*

31th December 2012
1152 hours

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