New breath.

I still believe that I'm dreaming. Everything seems so unreal and unrealistic, since the day the PMR results were announced. I don't even know why.

Three years ago, I wanted to grow up so fast, if anyone give me the ticket to walk out from those gates, I'll be the first to run. I wanted to live my life on my own way, without being tied to strict rules and this very structured life.

And at the end, I choose to have what I want all this while, leaving everything I have behind. Every single little thing. I'm afraid, I admit. When I decided to walk out from those gates,
I feel like I'm totally exposed to all possibilities out there. The 'real' world.

"It's time for you to shine brighter" - Najihah Alya
"Day 203, and I still miss you" - Wan Anis
"Pi sana jangan pakai tudung pendek sangat" - Atikah Tahir
"May Allah strengthen our love" - Najwa Shairah
"Find a friend that will never hurt you" - Rafeeqa Mahizan
"Press the panda when you miss me" - Farahin
"Sedih tu memang sedih, mesti banyak cikgu rasa kehilangan" - Teacher Faridah
"Gimme your phone number, I nak minta tolong beli pinggan" - Teacher Harlina
"Student Almashoor macam malaikat" - Teacher Ch'ng
"Nanti saya rasa, 'ohhh, dah takda Dr. Fatin Nadhirah'. I'll miss you." - Teacher Najah
"You're right here in front of me, yet I already started missing you" - Syahmilayana Amani
"I hate you, for leaving us. You're priceless" - Syahindah
"Kita dah asuh dia, nanti di sana, dia bawa nama kita jugak" - Pengetua told Ustazah Maznah
"Just go and live your life well" - Adilla
"Be tough. Hijrah is never easy" - Ain Nur Amirah
*speechless* - Hanisah Muhammad Faiz
"Keep calm and take care because y.o.l.o" - Nurul Iman
"Take care, don't forget me, have fun. Gonna miss you" - Ummu Habibah
"Jangan jadi malas macam kami" - Ruqya /OMG RUQYA MUST BE KIDDING ME/
"Never turn back. Uhibuki fillah" - Anis Liyana
"No more Fatin Nadhirah in front of my eyes. But there is in my heart" - Izzati Omar
"You're full of potential. Don't change, unless for the better. A lose to the school, I would say - Teacher Jalilah

They're more than 'just friends'. They're like my family. Uhibbukifillah.

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