Setelah sekian lama diri ini bertapa, kini kembalilah aku. Just to write a typical year end aka new year post.

2014. Haha what a great year. For a moment I swear, this year is the best. Happiness overload. Smiles and laughters from my cheerful friends. Cries (also from friends), during 'those times' when I'm completely fragile, that stupid prank on my birthday, and at chenang beach which holds thousand of memories witnessing our goodbye. Sweats while struggling with extra classes, unfinished homeworks, events by the school fuhh. 

I regret nothing. 

Even with a little drama, haha penambah perisa kata orang. Pernah merajuk dengan kawan time spm week sampai berkurung study dekat bilik. Pernah merajuk dengan kawan sampai mogok tak nak makan. Pernah merajuk dengan kawan sampai pulangkan balik semua barang dia. Pernah merajuk dengan kawan sampai tunjuk emo tahap asdfghjkl. And pernah merajuk dengan kawan sampai balik rumah, even though esok tu kena balik maktab balik.

But it didn't last long cause you always end up having new stories to share with them.

Haha. Memories.
This maybe the last time I'll be talking about Langkawi cause I am moving on, not wanting to get haunted in the old days anymore. 

Right at this moment last year we just finished some kind of roll-call, supper, and began unpacking while chit-chatting with friends berbekalkan two months story. sigh how time flies (dear time y u fly, y u no walk?) 

You know why I love Langkawi?

It's the place I learnt a lot of things. From the littlest thing. Kat situ lah aku amalkan doa sebelum and selepas makan instead of just bismillah and alhamdulillah. Kat situ lah aku tahu hari jumaat afdalnya baca surah as-sajadah waktu subuh. Kat situ lah they introduced me to al-maathurat. Kat situ lah solat hajat, tadarus and solat qabliah and ba'diah are everyday's routine. Kat situ lah aku dapat solat berjemaah setiap hari. Kat situlah 

Moving on to a new book, I'm afraid.
There will no longer be friends yang akan;
"Fanad, dah solat belum"
"Fanad, baju ketat"
"Fanad, nampak leher"
"Fanad, nampak rambut"
"Fanad, riadah ah mandom je"
"Fanad, homework siap belum"
"Fanad, jangan tidoq"
(and the list goes on and on)

People come and go. My friends might meet someone better after this and the same thing might happen to me too. As much as I try to make this friendship last, I am not going to put my hopes up high because each and everyone of us are going to the next phase of our lifes. Seasons change, so do people. We will not having each others back in a few months time. We will start studying, some will go far away. Some maybe close but are so busy that we rarely see each other. Some will evolved into someone we never know. Some will walk past by us with just a nod and a smile. Some maybe will not have a glance on us at all.

It is sad. I know. But that's what going to happen and I'm preparing myself for that. It's not that our friendships will end, as long as we are in each others prayer, the ukhwah remains.

But it just wont be the same anymore.

But you know what, 
........ it is fine, sayang.

Having everyone is a bless. They come and leave with reasons and lessons.

Dearest friends, (especially yang tak boleh move on lagi :p) 
Dont forget the memories, just please put it behind. Appreciate the one around you right now, your family. After 5 or 2 years with friends, your family deserve your time right now. Dont be afraid to open your heart for others, let new people in. Get to know people, be in the community. Be it your neighbour, abang postman, makcik kedai runcit, or maybe volunteering.
I love you guys.
Moga Allah redha.

                                             Langkawi, be still in my heart (ewww)

Okay this is us.
And last shout out untuk deskmates tercinta sepanjang hampir dua bulan bersama.
Macam-macam perangai terzahir waktu tu hehe.
Serta fa'an yang agak jauh dimata tapi dekat dihati hikhik
tidak dilupakan buat penghuni meja sebelah merangkap jiran, penghibur sepanjang masa.

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