Continue walking.

Assalamualaikum. And hi there :)

“A man plans his course, but Allah SWT guides his steps”
I'm going to start a new journey, and I gotta be prepared.

There's something stuck in my mind until I decided to convert those things into words. It's the end of 2011 so I would like to summarize the life I'd been through for two years as a secondary school student. Two years doesn't seem long but me myself could not believe that I'd stuck in two different life within this two years until I feel like I'd learned too much, experienced too much and decided on too much. Sometimes I feel like it doesn't make sense cause I'd hate the type of person that once had been me. 

Often, I look like the happiest girl in the world, laughing out loud till the tears burst out, and even had stomach cramp for having hyper laugh. I may smile and live my days with so-called-happiness I gained while being around my cheerful friends. But I'm like another teenager. Having a journey called life. There are time where I keep on smiling with no reasons, laughing with no reason, and there are time where I feel like the whole world hate me till the most little thing can bring me down. There are also days that I wanna know everything, being this and that but there are also days I don't wanna know even a single thing that happen on earth and just being me.

Pathetic, insecure, low self-esteem, annoying, sudden mad, curious, confused, clueless and fragile are just a part of me. I adore every single creature around me that could stand having me as a character in their life. Especially my friends.  They are the people I spent most of my time with, and I know I'd annoyed them most of the time. Sorry. 

I guess overall, I’ve learned that not everything is going to go according to plan, not everything will make sense, and not everything will make you happy. You’re going to get hurt, and sometimes really bad. But you have to do what’s best for you. People change, things change, and we move on, mature, and accept what isn’t meant to be. Behind the tears, behind the heartache, behind the misunderstanding and behind the obstacles, I know, that I had and I will learn a lot about love, friendship and for sure life.

This is the time. This is the time. This is the time. To move on. Not to be someone else. But to be a better me. And yes, to be stronger.

....yesterday remains a yesterday. it''ll  never be the same again...


  1. waalaikumsalam :) la..fes time..
    nice :)

  2. Haha. Thank you. The english is lousy lah :D

  3. saya terharu membacanya walaupun saya tak kenal kamu.. :)
    its like reading the story of my own life.. well. a lil bit... :)
    i follow u for that.. :D

  4. Haha. Thank you for reading:)I'm hoping my readers will enjoy my post.

  5. fuuhhh.... walaupon pjg dan beringgeris, hanis ttp bace gak.... nice post.... (: singgah la slalu di blog sye.... (:

  6. Okay, insyaAllah I will. Thank ya :)

  7. nice.rin suka 2nd pic tu.

    "wherever you are, there's always time for Allah" :)

  8. weh awat hang awesome sangat.nak nangis..

  9. Hi terrorist. Perlu ke sampai nak nangis segala? :P